Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer - Gym Rules

League Rules

Any issue that arises that is not covered in the league rules should be settled by the two team captains. The issue should then be brought to the attention of the rec league so information can be added to the league rules.


  • Although the Rec League encourages participants to have a good time, alcohol or any other controlled substances are not allowed at any Rec League event or game. Any player found to be under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance will be ejected from the league immediately.


  • The Rec League rents facilities in order to provide our leagues.  Facilities are rented from the City as well as privately owned facilities.  Please respect the facilities so we can continue using them.  If we lose our permits, the season will be cancelled.
    • No Outdoor Shoes in any gym
    • No Marking Running Shoes
    • Leave the gym the way you found it.


  • 5 players on the floor at all times (4 Vs 4 plus goalies).  At least 2 players must be female.  A female goalie does not count towards the 2 female minimum.  There is no minimum requirement for male players.
  • A minimum of 3 players on the floor including 1 female is needed to avoid a default.  A default loss is reported as 7-0.  If both captains agree the game can be played and count towards the standings if one team doesn't meet the minimum requirements.
  • If a team defaults they will lose their default deposit.  If a team defaults a second time they may be removed from the schedule.
  • Teams are encouraged to have subs to avoid defaults.  When possible subs should be registered with the league.
  • Players should arrive at the gym at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  If a team does not meet the minimum requirements 10 minutes after the scheduled start time they will default the game.
  • The Rec League does not provide jerseys.  Teams are responsible to bring both a LIGHT AND DARK colored shirt to each game.  Prior to the game, captains should decide which team will wear which color.  If a player does not have a shirt color that matches the rest of their team, the opposing team can ask them to not play.


  • Games are self-officiated
  • Players are responsible to call their own fouls.  Do not wait for the other team or the Rec League Rep to make the call.
  • Teammates can make a call on their own players only.  Teams cannot make a call on the opposing team.  If a team does not make a call the League Coordinator will be forced to make the call.
  • If the Rec League Rep is forced to continually make a call, they will ask that player to sit out for the remainder of the game.
  • Any reckless, aggressive, threatening or unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in being ejected from the game.  If this behavior continues the player may be ejected from the league.  If this is a team wide issue, the team may be ejected from the league.
  • The League Coordinator has the right to:
    • Warn a player
    • Ask a player to sit out
    • Ask a player to leave the gym
    • Recommend that a player be suspended or ejected from the league
  • Judgement calls by League Coordinator are final and should not be protested under any circumstance.  Players or teams that argue with the Rec League Rep will be subject to suspension or ejection from the league.
  • The League Coordinators are not referees.  They are there to keep the games running smooth and to ensure teams and players follow the rules.  They have the right to make any player sit out or leave the gym.  If asked to do either, you must do so immediately.

Game Play

  • To start the game, the two captains will decide which team defends which end and which team gets the first possession.  Teams switch ends at the half and the opposite team gets the first possession for the second half.  Captains can decide the kick off by a coin toss, rock, paper, scissor etc...
  • Games will consist of 2 - 25 minute straight time halves.  There will be a five minute warm up and a 3 minute half time.
  • Games must start and end on time.  The game clock begins 5mins after the scheduled start time not matter what.  A late start will result in a short game.
  • During a kick off all players must be at least 10 feet away.  The kicker on the kick off cannot touch the ball again until another player touches the ball.
  • Goals cannot be scored on a kick off.
  • The game is restarted in the same manner after each goal.
  • Games will be played across the entire gym.  The only out of bounds will be any stairs, stage, seating area, bleachers, basketball nets and posts etc...
  • Team Captains and the Rec League Rep should agree on all out of bounds prior to the start of the game to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules.
  • The Team who last touches the ball prior to it going out of bounds will lose possession.  The opposing team will get the indirect free kick at the nearest point of where the ball went out of bounds.
  • You cannot score on an indirect kick.
  • During an indirect free kick, the opposing team must stand at least five feet away.
  • There are no off sides
  • Substitutions can be made at any time as long as the player leaving the floor does not interfere with the play once the new player is on the floor.
  • Goalie substitutions can only be made at a stoppage in play.
  • Players are not allowed to touch the ball with any part of their hand or arm from the shoulder to the fingers.  If a handball occurs when a player is protecting their body or face then play will continue.
  • Hats are not allowed to be worn on the floor.
  • The following actions will result in a foul ?Tripping or attempting to trip
    • Pushing or attempting to push
    • Kicking or attempting to kick another player
    • Boarding (Driving another player into the wall)
    • Holding
    • Any reckless or aggressive playing
    • When kicking a ball, play to your opponents ability.  There is no reason to kick the ball as hard as you can when a player is directly in front of you.  Kicking a ball excessively hard is considered reckless and aggressive playing and will result in a foul or being removed from the game.
    • Heading a ball is allowed, but players may not leave the ground when heading the ball.
    • Kicking above the waist is not allowed.
    • When chasing a ball into a corner, the second person must back off five feet  to give the lead person enough room to keep the ball moving.
    • The goalie can throw the ball, but it must first land on his/her side of the gym first.
    • No standing in the crease.  Neither the offensive or defensive players are allowed to stand in the crease.  You may run through the crease, but cannot stop and stand in the crease.
    • Handball in the crease - If the defensive team touches the ball with their hand (Other than the goalie) in the crease it will result in a direct penalty kick.  If the offensive team touches the ball with their hand in the crease, it is the goalies ball
  • Team Captains and the Rec League Rec should agree on the crease area and penalty kick area at the start of the game to ensure everyone is playing by the same rules.
  • Any player that continues to foul will be asked by the Rec League Rep to sit out for five minutes.  If the player continues to foul once returning to the game, they will be asked to leave the gym.
  • During the regular season a tie will remain a tie.
  • During the playoffs a shootout will decide the winner.
  • 3 shooters from each team, with at least 1 being female.  Teams will rotate shooters and the team with the most goals wins.
  • If the game is still tied after the shootout, a sudden death shootout will occur.  Each team will have three shooters; they may change the shooters or use the same.
  • In a sudden death shootout if one team scores the other team must score on their next kick.  If Team 1 scores on their first kick, team 2 must score, if they miss Team 1 wins.  If Team 1 misses and Teams 2 scores, Team 2 wins.


  • All Teams get two playoff games regardless of their regular season standings or the outcome of their first playoff game.
  • The top four teams play for the league championship and the remaining teams play for the final standings.

Game Scores

  • Both Team Captains should confirm the score with the Rec League Rep throughout the game and after the game to ensure an accurate final score.
  • Posted scores are capped at a 10 point differential


  • This is a Rec League and we expect all players and teams to have a fun first attitude. To help enforce this style of play we ask all teams to report the sportsmanship rating of the opposing team after every game.
 1 - Good, fun spirited team, respected their opposition and made the game enjoyable
 0 - Was not unsportsmanlike, but didn’t go out of their way to make the game enjoyable.
 -1 - Was not a fun team to play. They made the game less enjoyable and did not respect the opposition
  • Teams that have an overall sportsmanship of less than +2 at the end of the season will be required to sit out one season before they can play again.


  • Registration fees are fully refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season, minus a $10.00 administration fee. After this, the league assumes you have committed and all fees are non-refundable.
  • Defaulted deposits are refunded at the end of the season if your team has showed up to all games scheduled with the minimum requirement of players to not default the game and all other scheduled meetings including the equipment pick up and drop off meetings.

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