Badminton Rules

League Rules

Any issue that arises that is not covered in the league rules should be settled by the two team captains. The issue should then be brought to the attention of the rec league so information can be added to the league rules.


  • Although the WRL encourages participants to have a good time, alcohol and other controlled substances are not allowed at any sporting events. Any player found to be under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substances will be automatically ejected from the league.
  • Any and all fines will be the responsibility of the teams. Teams will lose every scheduled game and will not be scheduled any other games until all fines are paid.


  • The Rec League rents facilities in order to provide our leagues.  Facilities are rented from the City as well as privately owned facilities.  Please respect the facilities so we can continue using them.  If we lose our permits, the season will be cancelled.
    • No Outdoor Shoes in any gym
    • No Marking Running Shoes
    • Leave the gym the way you found it.


  • 2 players on the floor at one time - at least one must be female
  • The Rec League recommends badminton teams of 3-4 to avoid defaulting and for subs.
  • A minimum of 1 player must be present to start a badminton game. If the minimum requirement isn’t met the badminton team that is short will lose by default 3-0
  • Badminton teams are encouraged to arrive at the gym at least 10 minutes before the posted game time
  • If a badminton team is not ready 10 minutes after the posted game time they will lose by default 3-0. We recommend the game be played regardless if possible.
  • A badminton game that starts late will be a short game. Games must end on time. NO EXCEPTIONS


  • Badminton games are self-officiated. Players are responsible to make their own calls.
  •  Players must be honest, don’t assume no one saw you. If a team continues to not make calls themselves, the Rec League coordinator will be forced to step in a make the calls. If the same player continues to not make honest calls they will be asked to sit out.
  • Any reckless, aggressive, threatening or unsportsmanlike behaviour will result in being ejected from the game. If this behaviour continues the player may be ejected from the league. If this is a team wide issue, the badminton team may be ejected from the league.
  • The Rec League Coordinator has the right to
    • Warn a player
    •  Ask a player to sit out
    •  Ask a player to leave the gym
    • Recommend to the league that a player be suspended
  • Judgment calls by the Rec League coordinator are final and should not be protested under any circumstance. Players or teams that argue with the coordinator will be subject to suspension or ejection from the league
  • No arguing
  • No swearing towards the Rep
  • No complaining
  • The Rec League coordinators are not referees and are there to keep the game running smooth and ensure teams and players follow the rules. They have the right to make any player sit out or leave the gym. If asked to do either, you must do immediately.

Game Play

  • Badminton games will be 55 minutes long. Badminton teams will play as many matches within the 55 minutes as they can. Whichever badminton team wins the most matches gets the win and two points.
  • Games will be played using the outside court lines for doubles.
  • Each game will be played to a score of 21 with the winning team needing to win by 2 points with a cap at 30.
  • The Captains should confirm the score after each match.
  • Badminton games will start with a coin toss or spin of a racquet to determine which team serves and which side the other team will defend on. The start of each following game will see the serve alternate as well as switching sides of play.
  • All games are rally point meaning a point is scored whenever the shuttle hits the floor, regardless of who is serving.
  • In regular season play a tie is a tie. In playoff games, if the match is tied with 10 minutes left, there will be one final game to 15.
  • In playoff games, once there is 10 minutes left in the scheduled time, if the score is tied the next badminton game is sudden death.


  • The server should call out the score prior to each serve.
  • Contact with the shuttle must occur below the player’s waist.
  • The servers feet must remain stationary and within the serving area
  • The shuttle must land within the opposing teams receiving service area for it to be considered a legal serve.
  • When serving you must serve to your opponents opposite serving area.
  • The shuttle can hit the net on serve as long as it lands in the opponent’s service area. If it does not land in the service area it is a point for the opponent.
  • If a player attempts to serve and misses the shuttle then the opponents score a point.
  • If a team serves and their opponent is not ready, it is a let and there will be a reserve. If the opponent tries to play the shuttle then they were ready and serving team will receive a point
  • If the team serving wins the rally, the same player continues to serve but alternates to the opposite serving area and serves to a different player each time they score a point.
  • When the team serving loses the rally the serve then switches to their opponents.
  • If the opponents win the rally, and their new score is even, the player in the right service area gets serve. If the score is odd, the player in the left service area gets serve.
  • The players serving court side is determined by where they were at the start of the previous rally.
  • Using this service system ensures service rotates between team mates and the player who did not serve will get to serve when they win the next rally

Game Rules

  • Once the shuttle is in play, teams continue to rally until the shuttle has hit the floor.
  • A point is scored anytime the shuttle hits the floor, fails to cross the net, or hits the ceiling.
  • Players are not allowed to touch any part of the net. Doing so will result in a point scored for their opponent.
  • Players are not allowed to cross the net to make contact with the shuttle. Doing so will result in a point scored for their opponent
  • Players may follow through onto the other side of the net but initial contact must occur on their side.
  • The shuttle may not be hit by a player more than once in succession. This will result in a point for the opponent
  • Only one stroke may be used to return the shuttle. If a player makes contact with the shuttle and their team mate touches it as well this will result in a point of the opponents.
  • The shuttle is in bounds if it touches any part of the boundary line.
  • Teams may not deliberately distract their opponents by shouting or making gestures. This will result in a point scored for their opponents


  • All badminton teams will get two playoff games, regardless of where they finish in the standings or the score of their first playoff game
  • A tie in the playoffs will be played by a sudden death game. Once there is less than 10 minutes in the allotted time the game is over, if the score is tied, the next game is sudden death to 15.

Game Reports

  • Both Captains should confirm the score with the Rec League Rep and each other throughout the game and after the game to ensure an accurate final score.
  • Any complaints about the opposing team should brought to the attention for the Rec League Rep and be done in a respectful and polite way at the end of the game.
  • Any issues throughout the game should be brought to the attention of your captain and the two captains and League Coordinator can discuss a solution. No one other than the Captain should discuss these issues with the opposition.
  • If a badminton team receives a complaint by another team, if warranted will first receive a warning, second time, and the team will lose 2 points off their standings, the third complaint will result in ejection from the league and future participation will be considered.


  • Registration fees are fully refundable up to 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the season, minus a $10.00 administration fee. After this, the league assumes you have committed and all fees are non-refundable.
  • Defaulted deposits are refunded at the end of the season if your team has showed up to all games scheduled with the minimum requirement of players to not default the game and all other scheduled meetings including the equipment pick up and drop off meetings.

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